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    Thought I would offer up a nice change of pace.  Since the college National Championship game was just a couple of days ago I thought I would honor the tradition by offering this ball for sale. 
    The ball is in great shape.  There are a couple of signatures that I couldn't make out.  Here is a list of the ones that I found on the ball. There are 43 autographs on the ball.  These are the ones that I could read. A few are not players but are assistant coaches or managers.

    Darrell Royal
    Tommy Nobis
    David McWilliams
    Pat Williamson
    Kim Gaynor
    Gordon Roberts
    Marvin Kristynik
    Clayton Lacy
    Jim Besselman
    Tommy Ford
    Joe Dixon
    Bob Casseday
    Phil Harris
    Scott Appleton
    Clarence Bray
    Hix Green
    Tom Stockton
    Tommy Mankin?
    Lee Hensley
    Timmy Doerr
    Olen Underwood
    Russell Coffee (Asst. Coach)?
    Kenneth Halm
    Lane Zunker (Manager)?
    Howard Good
    Frank Bedrick
    Dan Mauldin (Only played in 1963)
    George Brucks
    Barney Giles
    Gary Brown?
    Pete Lammons
    Knox Nunnally
    Staley Faulkner
    George Sauer
    Bo Price
    Frank Bedrick
    Mike King
    Tom Currie
    Bud Alldredge
    Pat Williamson?


    This ball was recently found in the estate of Dr. Ralph M. Smith. 
    Dr. Smith pastored First Baptist Church, Rosenberg, Tx., Hyde Park Baptist Church, Austin, Tx. and served on the Executive Committee founding Austin Baptist Church.  He was a Regent at Baylor University, Chairman of the Building Committee for North American Mission Board, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary,  Home Mission Board chairman, President for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and President of the southern Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference.  He is a former Chaplain of the Texas House of Representatives.  Dr. Smith helped establish 16 churches from 1952 through 2015 and has built churches from numerous building for Baptist organizations.  He has authored 4 books and has a pastoral library of over 5000 sermons he joyfully delivered during his ministry.

    He loved UT sports.

    We have many other photos that we can email to you.