"Chili Queens"

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    This Pen & Ink is mentioned in her bio.  It is included in her book.

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    Lillie May Hagner (1903-1985)

    Hagner, Lillie May (Betty) (Mrs. Ben Saenger). 1903-1985. San Antonio, Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, author, teacher. Hagner was born in San Antonio and graduated from high school there before attending a two - year course for teachers a Baylor Female College, Belton. She then studied two years at the Metropolitan School of Art, New York, and returned to San Antonio to teach in the public schools and to attend various courses at the Witte Memorial Museum. She illustrated W. A. Silveus' Paspalum and Panicum, a scientific treatise on grasses published privately in 1942, and booklets of Bible stories for Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Hagner wrote and illustrated several books  on Texas. Hagner's engravings and drawings appear in her books, Alluring San Antonio Through the Eyes of an Artist (1940) & Touring Texas through the Eyes of an Artist,(Waco: Texian Press, 1967). In later years, she specialized in portrait work. Hagner died at her home in San Antonio.  She produced numerous drawings and etchings of historic sites in San Antonio, including Laredo Street Adobe (etching) and The Chili Queens (pen/ink). She taught kindergarten classes and taught at the House of Neighborly Service.
    Exhibitions: San Antonio Local Artists Annual Exhibition (1931, 1935-37, 1953); The Macas (watercolor) , 1935 and 36.  Wilson's Life Class, Witte Museum San Antonio..  Old Market House 1937 (etching) San Augustine Cathedral, The Bass Pool,  Cathedral, Monterrey, New London Reflections (etchings).  River Pageant; San Pedro Playhouse Gallery, San Antonio, 1932.  Artists
     Fair, Travis Park, San Antonio, 1935. Witte 1937 (With Rolla Taylor) Southeast Texas Artist's Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1937.  Reflections of Our Lady of the Lake, The Old Market House (etchings).  1938.  Reflections, Woodlawn.  Mary Bonner Graphic Art Club.  San Antonio Printmakers, 1937,38 and 39.  Texas General/Texas Paintings And Sculpture Exhibition.  1940.  Laredo Street Adobe (etching); Rover Art Show San Antonio 1948 and 50.  Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio (1936 and 1938 one-woman); Annual Southeast Texas Artists Exhibition, Houston (1937-38); San Antonio Printmakers, Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio (1937-38); Texas General Exhibition (1940); River Art Group, San Antonio (1948,1950).
    Collections: Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library, San Antonio.
    Affiliations: Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, San Antonio; San Antonio Printmakers.