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    Alice Naylor (1892-1974)

    Mary Alice Stephenson Naylor (Mrs. James Kirby Naylor). 1892-1974. Columbus, San Antonio.  Painter, graphic artist, sculpture, teacher.
    Alice Naylor was born and reared in Columbus and settled in San Antonio in 1934.  She studied at Hardin Junior College, Wichita Falls, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, the Witte Memorial Museum art school, San Antonio, and the San Antonio Art Institute.  Her instructors included Xavier Gonzalez, Etienne Ret, Dorothy Bergamo, Joseph A. Imhof, Dan Lutz, Clara Duer, Charles Rosen, Minna Witte Citron, Leonard Brooks, and Michael Frary.  At the Taos Field School, Naylor received instruction from Millard Owen Sheets, Ernest L.  Blumenschein, Kenneth Miller Adams, and Andrew Dasburg, from whom Naylor also took private lessons.  During World War II, Naylor taught patients in local military hospitals.  She taught painting , lithography, and engraving at the San Antonio Art Institute (1942-58) and served as chairman of the art department at Incarnate Word College, San Antonio (1958-62). The Witte Memorial Museum named her Artist of the Year in 1945; San Antonio newspapers named her Woman of the Year in Art in 1953.  Naylor died in San Antonio.
        Exhibitions:  San Antonio Local Artists Annual Exhibition (1940, 1942-46, 1947 award, 1948-49, 1950 purchase prize, 1951-54, 1957, 1959);  San Antonio Printmakers (1941); Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio (1943, 1945, and 1959 one-woman);  Annual Texas Print Exhibition,  Dallas (1943-44, 1945 prize, 1956); Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (1943);  Texas Fine Arts Association (1943-44, 1946, 1951-52,1956-59, 1965-67, 1969);  Annual Texas Artists Circuit Exhibition (1944, 1945-50, 1952, 1954);  Texas General Exhibition (1944-48); Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe (1944-45); Corpus Christi Caller-Times Annual Exhibition (1944,1946); Cincinnati Art Museum (1945 award); Miami Beach (Florida)  Fine Arts Center (1947);  San Antonio Art League (1947);  Texas Experimental Painters, New Zealand (1947); River Art Group, San Antonio (1948-50, 1951-54 prizes, 1956, 1959);  National Library, Mexico City (1950; Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, Austin (1950 one woman); Bright Shawl Gallery, San Antonio (1950, 1952, and 1959 one-woman); Texas Watercolor Society (1951 purchase prize, 1952-58, 1960-61, 1963, 1965);  Texas Painting and Sculpture Annual Exhibition (1951, 1953);  Romana Galleries, Mexico City (1953); Laguna Gloria Art Museum,  Austin (1954 one-woman); D. D. Feldman Collection of Contemporary Texas Art, allas (1955);  Elisabet Ney Museum,  Austin (1955 one-woman);  Incarnate Word College, San Antonio (1955 one-woman, 1958, 1960);  Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos (1956 one-woman); Texas A&M College, College Station (1957 and 1960 one-woman);  Beaumont Art Museum (1957 one-woman, 1958); Waco Art Forum (1959 one-woman); Bettis Gallery, Waco (1957 and 1959 one-woman); Sul Ross State University, Alpine (1971); Shook-Carrington Gallery, San Antonio (1973 one-woman); Hill Country Arts Foundation, Ingram (1974 one-woman); Texas Watercolor (1999).
    A painter who preferred watercolor and acrylics, Alice Naylor studied at the University of New Mexico with Andrew Dasburg and the San Antonio Art Institute with Xavier Gonzales.

    She was a member of the San Antonio Printmakers, Southern States Art League, and Palette and Chisel Club of San Antonio.

    Naylor was also an illustrator and from 1942 to 1958 and taught at the San Antonio Art Institute.

    Treadway Toomey Galleries, Oak Park, Illinois
    Peter Hastings Falk, Editor, Who Was Who in American Art