"Dallas" Cityscape. Published Illustration.

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    by Paula Bosse

    This drawing reminds me of those wonderful telephone book covers (the ones with all the hidden jokes and intricate details) that I used to pore over as a child. (By the way, when clicked, this image is absolutely HUMONGOUS. )


    From the booklet Five Years Forward: The Dallas Public Library, 1955-1960 (more of which can be accessed here).

    We have two of these.  One is on paper, and one is on Onionskin paper.

  • Biography

    Buck Schiwetz (1898-1984)

    Edward Muegge Schiwetz was a painter whose work recorded the state of Texas from the country to the city. In addition, Schiwetz was a magazine illustrator, graphic artist, writer, preservationist, and architect.Edward Schiwetz was born and raised in Cuero, Texas and learned to draw and paint under the instruction of his mother. He graduated from Cuero High School (1916) and received a baccalaureate in architecture from Texas A & M college, College Station, Texas (1921). In1928, Schiwetz moved to New York City where he studied lithography and etching at the Art Students League. During this time he successfully marketed his work to publications including Scribner's, House Beautiful and the Architectural Record. Schiwetz returned to Texas in 1929 and became an art director and partner in the successful Houston advertising agency of Franke, Wilkinson, and Schiwetz. After retiring from the advertising agency in 1966, he devoted himself almost entirely to painting and drawing. In 1974, he moved to College Station where he worked on campus scenes at his alma mater.The Houston Art League honored Schiwetz in a festive tribute the year before his death and named him Texas Artist of the Year.He died in Cuero, Texas in 1984.Schiwetz was a member of the Associated Artists of Houston; California Water Color Society; Contemporary Arts Association; Southern States Art League; Texas Society of Architects; Texas Fine Arts Association* and the Texas Watercolor Society.Exhibitions included American Watercolor Society; Philadelphia Watercolor Society; Art Institute of Chicago; Southern States Art League Annual Exhibition; Texas Painting and Sculpture Annual Exhibition; Western Watercolor Exhibition, San Francisco and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia.