• Biography

    R.D. Enright (1921 - 1983)

    Roland D. Enright was born in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on November 26, 1921.  Being one of eleven children with modest means, he lived in a rural setting, which inspired his love of nature. Much of his boyhood time was spent drawing and sketching, and his love of art eventually led him to a commercial art course. 

    After graduation, he pursued commercial art until World War II took him overseas where he spent two and one-half years in an armored unit.  After the war, Enright resumed his art career as a free lance artist, traveling at every opportunity, during which time he married and moved to Texas. Landscape painting became an interesting challenge and with growing encouragement soon became a full time and profitable endeavor. 

    Enright believes painting and sketching to be best inspired by nature itself, so with the aid of a studio camper, he spent much time in the countryside, often accompanied by his son and daughter. A shy modest man, Enright shuns publicity and contact even with the ever widening circle of his collectors. Many of these collectors first became familiar with his work through the efforts of a long time friend and associate, Fred H Ellis. 

    The versatility of composition, color, and subject matter are the trademarks of Enright’s landscapes.  When you see an Enright painting, you know he has been there. 

    The artist's first name is often recorded incorrectly as Richard while in fact his name was Roland.  

    Roland Delbert Enright died of cancer at his home in Cleveland, Texas on November 26, 1983.