"Forgotten Trail"

  • Biography

    Donald Yena (1933- )

    Donald M. Yena

    Through his detailed narrative paintings Donald M. Yena breathes life
    and meaning into the early days of Texas and the old west. The featured
    works illustrate the history of Texas cattle ranching from its Spanish
    roots to the discovery of oil in the petroleum sands of South Texas.

    Donald M. Yena is a professional western artist. “My
    goal has always been to produce good, solid, traditional art,” Yena
    says. “Western art is ours. It is uniquely American. It’s rugged,
    often haunting and many times humorous.” In Yena’s case precise in
    every detail.

    Yena often paints from his museum quality collection for
    absolute accuracy and detail. He is recognized by many today as “an
    historian with brush and palette”, having received many accolades from
    the state and county. As an illustrator his works appearing in
    historically important books established Yena early on as an important
    Texas artist. His works are represented in important private
    collections and have been honored with major exhibits in prestigious
    banks and museums including the Witte in San Antonio.